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You and Jin

Welcome to You and Jin!
This is a community for Loyal Subjects to share all things related Jin Akanishi.
Feel free to join and post but make sure you read the rules below first.

Community rules:

1. No bashing anyone, including Jin, Jin's friends, KT members, others or any community members. No trolling. No wanking.

2. All entries should be tagged properly. Tags starting with * are for mod use only. You can consult the tags easily in the sidebar or the tags list.

3. Font sizes and/or colors should be left at LiveJournal default setting. No bigger or smaller size, nor colors.

4. Keep your posts short out of lj-cut. Use the lj-cut whenever the post is longer than 2 short paragraphs and a picture

5. All images larger than 350px (width and/or height) must be kept under the cut, as are concert reports, scans, graphics, embedded videos, spoilers etc. Only one picture or embedded video is allowed outside the lj-cut.

6. No more than three samples of icons and no more than one banner or one wallpaper outside the lj-cut in fan work entries. All the samples should have Jin.

7. Linking outside the community: if you're linking to a locked post then that post has to be public for at least three days after you've posted the link on you_and_jin community. Links to posts that will be locked in other communities have to be communities which everyone can join, thus get access to the post. Links to locked posts in private journals are not allowed. If you are contributing towards our ARCHIVE of old Jin news/information then an exception will be made in that case. You will be able to link to locked posts and it's up to the reader on what they do in order to be able to see it. Exception: Oowah!Fansubs release posts can link to locked posts.

8. Do NOT post download links for CD or DVD BEFORE the OFFICIAL release date. All posts that include media download links, like music, video, scans etc, should be member-locked inside the community.
Digital releases: Do NOT post download links to digital only singles before the album they are in is out as PHYSICAL release.
Do NOT post download links for digital ONLY albums.

9. Sales posts: No more than one paragraph and one picture (check the rule 5.) outside of lj-cut or before the link to the original post OUTSIDE of You and Jin. Update in the original post only. No more than one post from one person every week. Use the sales tag only when tagging a sales post. The requests tag is not to be used in order to request to buy something, sales requests are to be made in other communities.

10. Fan reports from 2ch, XQ and other random bbs are not allowed. Sources you credit should be reliable (check the blogger's history and always make sure to find more than one source).

11. Only job/work rumors are allowed. No gossip is allowed unless it's published in a known source, with photos of the scene attached and always with a warning about them. Basically no private pictures of Jin and people around him. Street/public pics might be allowed (contact a mod before you post).

12. Pairings are not allowed. Entries about member/friend interactions (based on pictures, videos and interviews) are allowed. No delusional speculations (remember pairings communities are there for that). No pairing names, altered gifs, graphics etc are to be posted.

13. Fanfics are not allowed at the moment.

14. Do not disable comments unless given permission from a mod. Screening comments will only be allowed with permission by a moderator.

15. Copyright works are not to be reposted by anyone other than the original maker/poster. We are also against anyone gaining profits/just generally using anything from someone else's work unless they have permission from the original poster/maker- even if the item used wasn't copyrighted. (All original works are copyrighted unless otherwise stated.)

16. If a mod delivers a warning to you then you have 24 hours to reply, after which your post will be deleted. If you violate the rules and are aware that you are doing so then we will give you whatever punishment we see appropriate. E.g. taking away your posting access for 2 weeks or longer or after several rule violations ban from community for a week or more. If a post is violating especially rules #8 and #12 mods are allowed to delete it without warning.

17. Advertising not strictly related to Jin is not allowed unless it’s for a Humanitarian cause.

18. Locked posts (or any other for that matter) be it parts or whole, are not allowed to be copied, reposted or used out of the community WHITOUT the permission that you can request to the poster /owner and /or the community mods. If you want to do a translation of any info posted request permission. Breaking this rule will get immediate ban from the community.

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Without fans, 'Akanishi Jin' will not exist.
-- Jin Akanishi

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