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The BIG PROJECT [Revamped]

Okay so I've deleted the previous post. Thank you to those of you who voiced out your concerns else I would've just carried on pimping it to people, making it seem like emailing is the best way. I'm really sorry to those of you who translated that entry into other languages I really am. I hope you can understand that I just felt like everything was on my shoulders and I HAD to decide.

The main goal is to make JE and UTB staff to read our concerns about the lack of promotion Jin's having for his Tour.
A more detailed post about that issue can be found here:
 Urge UTB or Johnny's to put on posters in the five cities especially Chicago. Focus on college campus, Asian concentrated area (hope chicago locals can give them more specific ideas) and area around Rosemont theater,etc.

UTB can also try to contact Rosemont theater. If the theater has its own email group list for customers, maybe UTB can ask the theater to send promotional emails out
It's up to you to still carry on with the second part of the original project, try to take into consideration that SPAM won't lead us anywhere. So please be careful with that.

If you want to request Jin on the Ellen show go here:
What would be your reaction to a twitter project tweeting at Ellen or something? Please don't go all off on one I dont know what to think of it hence im asking.

If you have any ideas then please do pitch them to us or make an entry about them!

Some suggested ( thanks to ayu_mi_kay  for the heads up and nepentheum  ) too the best thing with them is to post on their facebook wall becausenepentheum  previously did that for You&Jin and they wrote an article on it.

MTV Daily Fresh:
Also ABC's Good Morning America just had X-Japan on there recently - You can leave a message here

Lastly, some email addresses stanime  and I gathered.
Please don't spam these people like crazy. I advise that only a few of  you email them that'll do the trick. But that's up to you. Just remember there are negatives to doing this. Here they are:

Email addys:

CHICAGO twitter:wcrxfm twitter:93XRT  twitter:939litefm twitter:B96Radio twitter:979TheLoop  twitter:1035KISSFM twitter:WGCI

Request on website here or email / (these guys are asking for people to update them with concerts in their area) (radio stations in Houston, SF, LA, NY and Washington DC) email ( these guys are asking for people to update them with concerts in their area) twitter:hot957

NEW YORK and and (thanks to butterfly_lovex)


LA - thanks to takozawa  for the info

KIIS FM (to Ryan Seacrest)
MyFM Valentine (
Rickdees -- 

islandgurl84 suggested:
CNN's Talk Asia segment Japan Today which is aired worldwide. <-- a link to Chicago college, universities and communities newspapers. You can contact them and let them know about Jin too.

pinkporca  suggested the some fans getting together in the cities and making handouts and giving them out? anyone interested?
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