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moar reports

These are translated from a Spanish site that translates Japanese reports and other news, so the translation might not be the best.

Second Show (3.10.10 - 19:00)

Guest: Nishikido Ryo

- After Ryo gave Jin the flowers, Jin put them on the couch at the back of the stage very carefully, but Ryo said “What are you doing? It looks like someone died there!” and Jin went back running to pick up the flowers again.

- Jin said: “Body Talk is what you do before going to bed / before going to sleep.” (ehem.)

Third Show (4.10.10 - 15:30)

Guest: Takizawa Hideaki

- Instead of “What technological appliance do you relate Jin to?” question, this time it was “If Jin was an insect, which kind would he be?”

- MC was half an hour long. Takki pretended to be a paparazzi, but whenever Takki asked something Jin would pretend not to listen and he said “You’re so short, I can’t hear you~” so Takki hit Jin.

- After that Jin kept subtly walking away from Takki when they were talking like he feared Takki would hit him again, so Takki tried to hit Jin whenever he saw him trying to walk away.

- Takki said: “You have a chance for a good job now, but before there were barely any news about you! Nobody knew if you were death or alive!”

- Takki called Josh “Tamori-san” because of his shades (lol win)

- Q&A:
Q: If you only had three months left to live, what would you like to do?
J: Spend time with my family, hold concerts, and I don’t want a funeral, I want a end-of-my-live party!

Q: What kind of idol do you like?
A: Jin-kun!
Q: What kind of idol you do not like?
A: The Jin-kun that hides under shades and hats.
Takki: Are you playing hide-and-seek?
Jin: It’s not that. When I’m performing I wear those things because I don’t feel very confident… (aaaaaaw ♥)

Q: If you turned into a girl, what would Jin-kun do?
1.Go to girl’s (public) bathroom, look and bath until my body was all wrinkled up, look at naked girls~ (obvious perviness apart, I’m guessing on the public bathroom part, because toilet wouldn’t make sense there.)
2.Organism (nobody knows what he meant here. He used katakana, apparently, and some reports said “orgasm” instead lol)
3.Girls always havebetter accessories, right? That’s unfair! I’d buy many accessories and clothes.(He should just ask Kame for some…)

- During the enconre Takki came out with Jin again, and Jin said “Even from now on I’d like to keep in touch with you all!”

Fourth Show (4.10.10 - 19:00)

Guest: Nakamaru Yuichi

- While introducing Nakamaru, Jin said: “This is the boy who has built this wonderful stage for us.”

- Nakamaru went upstage during the MC, and the first thing Jin and him did was shaking hands. Then Nakamaru asked whether Jin had mentioned him because he had been surprised to see his name in the newspapers that morning, and Jin said he had talked about one time they had lunch together.

- Nakamaru looked at Jin and asked if he had had his hair cut, and that his suit was a Little too big for him (at least someone tells Jin to get clothes his size!). He also said the news had been saying a lot of things about Jin. Jin answered “How about you? Don’t you have less hair now?”

- Nakamaru tried to explain how Ueda’s toe had broken, but Jin didn’t look like he was understanding so Nakamaru tried to reach for his thumb to show him, but Jin jumped away and said:

Jin: “My thumb is important!”
Fans: “And your collarbones?”
Jin (to Nakamaru): “I’ll hit you if you touch them!”
Nakamaru. “Haaa?”
Jin: “My collarbones are very important too! But… What day is it today?”
Fans: Monday.
Jin: Then my thumb is more important.
Nakamaru and the rest of the world: ?????

- Nakamaru said he, Jin and Ueda had been supposed to have lunch together but it was cancelled, and he blamed Jin but Jin said it had been Ueda who had wanted to go boxing.

- In the Q&A corner, Nakamaru was taking the paper sheets out of the box and apparently he was being slow, because Josh told him to hurry up. Nakamaru answered: “It’s the first time we meet, so don’t get that excited!” (lol win)

- In the question about the age, the fan wrote 90-25×2+8÷2 and Jin tried to calculate it mentally so Nakamaru helped by reminding him you have to multiply and divide first and then add and subtract. Nakamaru said a number, Jin tried to check if it was right and said 25. Josh apparently smarter told them to shut up and brought out his pone to use the calculator while the other two stared at him in silence.

Q: What kind of idol do you not like?
A: An idol that takes a lot of pictures with girls.
Nakamaru: Like you!
Jin: They’re just friends!
Nakamaru: They’re still too many!

Q: Do you like men?
Jin: I don’t like Nakamaru.
Nakamaru: …
Jin: I’m not like that, but I have nothing against gays.

- Jin tried to explain the process to compose songs but he couldn’t quite find the right word, so Nakamaru said it and then told Jin “Your Japanese is terrible!”

- Jin rapped Eminem’s Lose yourself and Nakamaru beatboxed to it.

- The encore was Tipsy Love and fans sang along with Jin.

- Jin said “I’m going now~ Bye~” before leaving, and fans answered “Itterashai!”
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