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Junno's message to Jin and fans in his web manual

Thank siren_no_oto very much for translating it. Sorry the original texts I posted missed some part, so in the end I combined her trans with other versions together. If there's any mistake, please feel free to comment. I'll fix it whenever I'm on.

"Although I'm not sure if I should comment here, I think it's simply amazing that Akanishi Jin, who had been a member together with me, will challenge this foreign place called America!! (bright light buble)
The opportunity to release songs he created himself with full heart and spead his wings to fly high is great and occurs rarely.
Whatever the outcome might be, if even only one more person is touched by his song, I think all his hardships is rewarded. (smile)
So I will support him, even though it's from Japan. (fist)
Same as artist, I'm looking forward to meet him again. (bright light buble)
I must also do my best.(big smile)

the reason why I'm writing about Akanishi-kun openly here is because...(face with sweat)
Akanishi-kun, text me sometimes ok? (sweat)
yapari you are too shy ne~(smile)"

*still looking for the full original texts~

Tags: friend/ex-member interaction
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