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My You&Jin LA live report

I know you might have got sick of reading so many reports these days...but still I want to write it. Memory will fade, so I need to record something to bring me back to the awesome moments I experienced in those two days^^

I’m back from my 6-day trip from Los Angeles. Jin is a good reason for me to travel in US, isn’t? Though I still don’t like US very much~sorry Jin…;P

Los Angeles was really cold. It must be a miracle how Jin didn’t catch one cold when he’s there 3-4 years ago~Maybe his strong love of US/Hollywood conquered the flu virus~XD

I was half excited and half worried when I headed to his first show…I know he’s always a bit off in the first show just like he always messes up his first line in a song but picks everything up later. However, what worried me the most were…first, will the show be heavily auto-tuned? Second, what if he wouldn’t sing Eternal, should I throw something onto the stage to express my anger?

It started 1 hour and 40 minutes after the opening time. I was happy because all the lives I went before took much longer time for the warm-up. I sit quite at the back upstairs, so I was cool and logical when I was watching the show.

I looked around for fun and discovered it was true Jin has many oba-san fans. I’m not young at all but I was still shocked to see so many absolute oba-san fans (women in 40s and 50s or even older). They mostly took the best seats in the venue which made me super jealous…ah well I think they are strong backups for Jin in the fandom so I shouldn’t complain. Everyone has the right to love Jin anyway. 

I think half of the audience had Asian faces (I‘m one of them). They can be fans flying from Japan and also fans living in north America.
I don’t remember much of the 19th show since I sit quite far away. Sometime I watched the perf from the monitor, sometimes I stared at Jin on stage and lost my sanity for a while…after all Jin’s there the real touchable Jin I’ve loved for four years~

So all my worries became true. Lots of auto-tune used and no Eternal…DX Fuck…I didn’t have anything in my hand to throw on the stage~

I and my friends met after the show and decided to have dinner in an over-crowded super expensive Japanese restaurant Jin joked about in his vtr. The kanji in title 胜 refers to KT’s meaning 胜运 I think.

We started to bitch about Jin and decided to quit him and blahblah. Someone said “go cancel the Bandage dvd!” I was like “no way, I love Bandage and Natsu!!” XD Anyway no one was really serious…it’s just some healthy bitchiness when someone you love so much failed to meet your expectation for a minute. Later we realized we were too mean to Jin, so we started to think about the good points in the first show. Like how he was shy and nervous and made some silly HaHa somewhere and tried to kick the ball in the end. Also how he failed every single magic miserably, which was amusing and adorkable. I suddenly remembered how great the first half of the show actually was…like everyone was screaming and dancing…and Lovejuice was so fucking sexy. I thought I would never like that song because of the lyrics and the JT wannabe dance move, but I was wrong. The new Nokia club version won my heart over, no matter how ridiculous his A&F pants were. I also remember how much I loved his new song Bass go boom and the beginning of Yellow gold and the super sweet Tipsy love. I started to feel shivering because I had really nice seats the next day and I was going to see his pretty face and handsome body clearly.

BTW, I went WTF when I saw his mask show in the second half…I was like why this heavily Americanized dude put some exotic Japanese elements in his total Americanized show?? Why Why? Later my roommate, who’s a really sweet girl from Waterloo, pointed it out that Jin’s probably showing what he learned from Takkizawa Kabuki. Although I felt lost in that part, I liked how the kanji characters played on the big screen, which reminded me of a modern opera stage I watched years ago. Jin was quite worshipable there and his chair dance later was just amazing.

After all the fan girl drama, we went back to our hotels and sleep.

It’s really quite interesting that all my friends and I totally forgot what we said last night and fell for Jin again and again and again on the next day. Oh fan girls~XD

I had a good reason because I sit five rows away from the stage which was quite close since there’s no pita area in Jin’s live. When Jin came out my brain died. OMG he shaved!!!!!!! Not that he looked terrible when he’s got facial hair but shaved Jin is a visual heaven and paradise.

He’s such a beautiful creature like many have depicted, also like I already said many times he’s a flawless beautiful art piece. From head to toe, he’s marvellous. The real Jin doesn’t look different from many nicely taken pics and vids, but more vivid and more breathtakingly beautiful.

So me the super shallow kao (face) fan fell for Jin on June 20th 2010 like I saw him and fell for him hard 4 years ago.

Not to mention how awesome the performances were. Anyone watched Larc en Ciel’s Heaven’s Drive PV? The same show but totally different feelings. Yeah for me it was exactly like that. I didn’t care if he would sing any Japanese songs or not and I didn’t care about the auto-tune effects at all. I just enjoyed every beat there~danced and screamed as much as I could. There’s probably a magic change in his performance because all my friends became super big fan girls after the afternoon show~;P

The Christmas Morning performance was totally dreamy. The set of the little robot Jin in the music box was such a genius idea and I wanted to worship whoever came up with that idea (and I believe it’s 99.9% Jin’s idea~) Jin’s moves in that song took my soul away. Seeing such a cute pretty Jin robot singing with a broken heart in front of you was just epic!! I love his perf there to death and I love everything about Christmas morning, the song the lyrics and the auto-tuned voice (LOL).

He looked way more ease and energetic in this show than the yesterday one according to my friend who pretty much sit at the same place for the two shows. More smiles and more interactions with the audience. I couldn’t compare because I sit too far last night, but I felt the atmosphere in the venue totally changed. I think I saw a lot of Haddako no Shounen Jin in the first a few songs. He had those cute expressions on and looked very fresh and bouncy.

All the songs performed were great and the venue was shaking. Jin enjoyed the reactions from the audience a lot.

Before the intermission, some girls left their seats. I followed them and realized Jin might show up at the bar again. Yeah he did. I nearly killed the huge security guard to get a better view of Jin. If you were there, you might think there’s a crazy fan girl climbing onto a big guy trying to give a deep hug to him. It’s not true tho…Anyway, I saw him less than in a meter. The mc guy, might be Juice, gave him something to drink and jin sipped for a bit~then he jumped and ran away like a kid in shock. Remember the moment when he ran away from Go go brothers after he failed the move in rescue pv making? Yeah he’s exactly like that, just the place was much smaller so he only managed to turn his back to us and waved his arms and kicked his foot X’D I actually couldn’t believe my eyes~!! What did I just see? What? What? Was that really Mr I-wanna-be-a-cool-man I just saw?? Yeah I just saw exactly the Jin we are familiar with and love sooooo much! That super duper cute baka!! Although he’s a little nervous being surrounded by fans, he had quite a few big bright Jin smiles on *o* I have to say Jin off stage is really a normal non-star like boy, tho very beautiful. He’s so natural which gave me a feeling that I was seeing a boy next to the door and I could totally say hallo to him like I did to everyone when I was in the mood. I’ll never forget that moment.

BTW, Jin’s very slim. I almost thought he’s on a diet when I saw him on the stage. At the bar, he looked even slimmer. He’s not as tall as he looks when he’s with other KT members. Normal height very slim body with a tiny pretty face under the fedora. When he left with his dancers and security guards, he looked really more like a boy than a man.

I almost cried when Tipsy love was on. Not that I madly loved the song (I do love this song but Bass go boom is my favorite among the new songs), but because Jin was so sweet there. His eyes gave a very tender feeling all through this song. The interaction between him and fans was very very lovely there.

BTW, I skipped many performances not because they didn’t impress me but because many reports had given lots of details and depictions, and I don’t think I can add anything more.

I think everyone fully felt Jin in the second show and that’s why all my friends totally changed their attitude and fell for him again.

And the night show was even better!!!

My seat was not as good as the noon one, but was still quite close to the stage, just a little too left. However, when he used robotic voice and said “June Nine…no 20th…oops I did it again“, he’s more close to the left side and actually he faced here directly. I could see his facial expression clearly. So when we were laughing, the little Jin robot lifted his head from the keyboard and looked at us with a bitter smile and said “that’s not funny” JHFGJTFGKHJ!!! OMG!! It’s totally epic!! His facial expression there was just too cute for words~I think everyone in my area just melted into liquid at that time~XD

Another funny thing was…we love Joey because he’s cute and is an amazing dancer, so the audience constantly called his name and applauded for him. However in Christmas Morning perf, there’re a couple of moments, he stood at a place blocked Jin from our view. I then heard shouts from my back side “back off Joey!!” X’D So mean!! But I had the exactly same thought in my mind. I’m glad the music was loud enough to cover the mean words from fans~;P

All the performances were just great and I was totally jumping and I saw Jin very happy about the enthusiasm going on in the venue.

There’s a lighting problem when they were supposed to do screen dance, so Jin was a little mad but at once they figured they had to do something to kill the time until the trick dance part started. It was another epic moment for the whole show, because Jin took off his hat and started to do some freestyle dance. I was more in shock of the situation, but when Jin took off his hat, I died in one second. I lost my breath and other than worshiping his beauty I didn’t know what else I could do. It’s like all of a sudden the sky is blue, the sun shines and the rainbow makes a beautiful curve above your head. When he put his fedora back, I really made a curse of it and wanted to burn it by my eyes. Then the other two dancers did something. Then Jin took off his white robe and of course it caused lots of dying mourn from the audience. He had his Eternal outfit in Nissay live without coat…soooooooo fucking sexy!! Then he started to do breaking dance. I never thought he could do it. In my memory he did it once but failed when he was imitating Koki (or no…maybe it was maru who did it? confused). Anyway, I failed to watched it clearly because my seat was too left. My friend was at the third row in the middle area (was pushed to the first row at that time) and she’s such a hip-hop freak, so she’s quite critical about hip-hop dance. After the show, I asked her how was it. She said it was perfect and she was shocked Jin could do it so well.   

After Tipsy love, we were screaming for encore. Jin the big S didn’t come out until we almost killed ourselves for having clapped and screamed too much. In the end he came out, very sexy and very cute which you can see clearly in paparazzi. He announced the US tour and we were so so so so happy!! Poor me, didn’t know the news at all because of non-internet life in LA.

There’s one thing I must write about to wrap up my report. Paparats is my favorite song among all the You&Jin songs. When Jin sang it he looked so painful and so angry which put a lot of meanings into the song. However, being quite heartless after all those party songs, I didn’t feel much about the song but just enjoyed the rock-ish touch and sang with Jin. I peeped into a monitor because I suddenly wanted to see close-ups and I noticed there’s a Japanese girl stood motionless besides me. It was quite strange, so I looked at her again after a few lines, then I saw lots of tears in her eyes. All of a sudden I realized what Jin was trying to tell in this song and I remembered how sick the media treats him. Jin is just a normal guy who enjoys life as everyone else does. Only because he doesn’t follow too much of the entertainment rules, his image was almost distorted like a monster in Japanese media, which is really sad. And Jin’s obviously hurt…from deep inside he’s quite a sentimental person who wrote lyrics for those sentimental songs like Murasaki Care Eternal and Christmas Morning. I sometimes think Jin’s American dream was partly motivated by his frustration of the Japanese entertainment environment…Anyway, I have a huge respect of Japanese fans like that girl crying besides me. They are supporting Jin out of their best and never get delusional by rumors and speculations circulated everywhere. Without those fans, Jin probably has already left the business long time ago. I feel really grateful that I can still see Jin and hear Jin because of those faithful fans. From now on I hope my support of Jin can also keep him stay like they did. 

Oh I really love all those fans I met during those two days. There’s a Hongkongese fan sit besides me in the first show, a Hawaiian fan in the second and a Mexican fan in the last one. Also those enthusiastic crazy fans from Montreal who Jin must love the most~XD 
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