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[fan report] Yellow gold tour 3010--NYC concert

Very very late and I don't know why it took me that long but...

Anyway, this report is going to be very random. Since I've been in his concerts for five times as a total, I'm not gonna describe his performance one by one (which is for you to experience not to read anyway~;P). I'll mainly focus on things new/surprising to me.

I'll suggest you only check out the concert report, cause as a total it's really unbearably long==||||| btw, none of the pic/vid was done by me.


I took bus on Nov 19th which was supposed to depart at 7:00pm but I missed it by some wrong guide *pissed*, so I called Ani and decided to take the same bus of her group, which was good as I didn't have to go alone. We left at 9:30pm and arrived NYC around 8:00am. I already had a hotel booked and I was supposed to meet a girl from LA there. However when I walked to the hotel she's gone already (she canceled that shady look hotel~), so I had to call a cab to where she was and figured out which hotel we were gonna stay. NYC hotels are really expensive in general and hotels around time squares are ridiculously expensive. The good thing was we had other girls sharing the room, tho secretly, so each didn't have to pay too much.

After we finished booking three hotels in a row (so for five days in NYC, we were basically moving from one hotel to another |O||||), we went to eat a typical American breakfast, and no surprise I had a huge stomach problem right after ==|||| Since I planned to go to the fan meeting organized by pinkynishi  at 12:00, we ran to the first hotel but got a phone call and ran to best buy theatre to sign our names on a list for ppl who'll line outside overnight. It was proved to be nothing later but at that time, we didn't want to miss any chance to be in the front. After all the fuss, I was really late... (kokichan  waved to me from a cab when I was at the door of my hotel and desperately wanting a cab, too bad I didn't notice==) Eventually I was in that Japanese restaurant and no surprise every one had finished their lunch already. I was so glad to meet those two European Jin fans (both 40+) there. I bet Jin would feel really proud how versatile the ages of his fans are^^ I also had a happy chat with chuckles0505  who was luckily picked by MTV iggy.

The time me, kokichan  and her friends were at times squares around 3:00pm, Jin's promo CM was already on MTV screen. We took pics and started to wait, tho felt really silly since nothing was on until 5:30pm. MTV iggy kept teasing fans on twitter telling what happened in the rehearsal and it even posted pics of him being super hot and adorable, which raised lots of dying mourn among fans who were bored in the street. I soon discovered a line by a building behind of all those lucky girls picked for the studio, including ani and others I know. Why they had to wait for two and a half hours with perfect make-up on and all nicely dressed, which is something I would never understand, but it sure made those who didn't get picked feel better XD

A couple of media showed up and asked fans some questions. We joked about them to kill the time. The show then started. Since there are many fancams available, I don't think my report can do any better than that. At first fans were screaming when his face popped up on screen, then every one felt silly doing it as the vid was completely mute XD Somehow Times Square passers-by kept asking what's going on. I must say Americans are super curious about public events. If it was me, I probably just walked by without noticing anything DX. One got so curious that he's even thinking about buying a concert ticket (I don't think he went but it was amusing he actually tried to tell ppl around about what we told to him XD). There were also young black guys stood and watched a bit, and commented something like "he looks good" (don't know if they meant his dance or style or his look~). I kept bitching about his hat but didn't miss any chance to scream when his handsome face got zoomed in (tho he looked really stressed at the beginning) XD

Even though we heard nothing, he's never boring to look at~so many cute facial expressions, not to mention his priceless smiles from time to time. We figured out each song and actually sang yellow gold with him hahahaha~

It's all finished about 8:00pm or earlier. I went to MTV building to wait for the girl who had the hotel key. Ani's group came out first. She's kinda embarrassed for being in the shots for too many times (XD I totally think she looked fine there). Later we got a call to have dinner with a girl in Hard Rock to celebrate her birthday (poor girl she had to fly back to Australia for emergency and she's so mad she had to miss Jin's last concert). We left Hard Rock and walked to Best Buy Theatre at 11:30pm, only to find there were already around 20 ppl lining outside o.O" I was first really scared by the idea to line overnight but with time I started feeling bad if I don't do that...so I did==||||| It was so fucking cold...we cuddled together and tried to blame Jin for everything just to make ourselves feel better XD The two girls in the very front were natives and they even tried to camp outside on 19th...After them, there was a group of Chinese girls mixed with a couple of Japanese girls. I saw them in Chicago as well. Then another group of Chinese. I think most of the Chinese there were international students since it's super hard for Chinese to get a US visa just for a visit. Some were from Taiwan and Hongkong. Behind us there were two native girls plus a boy. Girls were KT fans, boy...I don't think he's a fan but more likely he's grabbed there by the girls haha~ poor guy he wore too thin that he's shaking in the wind. With time, there were more ppl came.


I felt death for the coldness and tiredness (didn't really sleep on the bus to NYC), so I went back to hotel around 2:30am and took a shower and got a snap for two hours. The time I went back to the line, there were around 50 ppl already. Ani came around 6:00am and lined at the end of the queue. She seemed still not fully recovered from cold so I gave her some medicine for sore throat. Morning was even colder than night...our group kept switching the shift that every one at least got several hours to sleep and to eat&drink. At noon we moved into a super close hotel, so we can go back and forth often. The most interesting thing I remembered when lining up was the Jin doll a Japanese fan brought there. OMG~it's so cute~>< I touched his little hand and imagined what gonna be Jin's reaction if he saw the doll XD

The Chinese group in the front started to hand out lyric sheet of Eternal since noon. It was a cool project, especially for some one like me who's a huge Eternal freak~! Ani did the lyrics and Dashen did the design (tho the print didn't make the justice of the design~;P). 

It was about 3:00pm when I finished changing and walked through times squares back to the line. I was surprised the queue was still not long. It ended only after a block. Something must be wrong since the tickets were sold well in NYC one, so I took another look around the area, then I discovered a long line on 4xth street (can't remember the exact number), which I couldn't see the end from where I stood. For the whole day, many many different kinds of passers-by asked us what's the line for, and one even tried to describe how shockingly long the line was so she felt the urgency to ask (XD I'm still amused by how curious Americans were~hahaha). The security came out for a few times to rearrange the line to make more space for the rest, so eventually the line had 3-5 ppl in a row. The time I grabbed ticket money from hotel I think the whole block was wrapped by the queue. Too bad I left my bag in hotel so I had no camera with me.

Finally it was almost the time. I got nervous because of the stressful atmosphere in the air...everyone wanted to be at the right front and every one was ready to fight for a good spot, so I felt I was in a war field ==||||| Dominic and Joey came out to say hallo to the fans. I couldn't even see them since my view was blocked. One of my friends gave them a bag of Japanese sweets or something like that. Dominic also hugged a few fans. He's kinda cute off stage, slim and boy-ish.

At 6:00pm, they opened the door and let us in. No surprise it was a chaos at first until the security shut the door to warn us like "if u run, u'll be thrown out!" However the craziness inside fans was not so easily to be controlled...I don't remember what I was doing but my shoulders were caught by the security, so I had to move back and pray not to be kicked out. Once the hands set me free, I just dashed (which was not my fault...my brain just stopped work atm ==||||) I have to say the best buy theatre was like a maze when I was running through...I ran off stairs twice...turn left and ran through a hall...ran by the boost...got my ticket checked again and went through a door...then ran down to the venue. I eventually secured my spot in the mid right of the first row. After that I realized my friend lining with me was not right beside me...the girl (who's from Vancouver) took the spot and said she saw her being stopped and preached by a security~==

At first the first row was super tight that my arms were hurt badly by that. There's even no space between hips of mine and others beside me== I felt like I was in a Rock concert~the only good thing was I didn't have to fight with big guys. The situation got better after the check-in process went to an end right before Juice and Micheal came out at 7:00pm. Before that, a staff from FCI walked through the little area between the stage and the first row to interview fans. Me and the girl beside me made some noise to her, so she had to turn her uninterested face here and add a note "canada wants Jin as well" ~LOL There's also a little accident happened between the girl beside me and a girl beside her. A Japanese lady got hit on her face in that accident...which was such a shock ==|||||

The warm-up was a bit longer than usual as Dominic's family (they stood upstairs at the very left side close to the stage where I don't think was any place for the audience) had something to say. We screamed a lot for Dominic's performance^^ I was kinda mean to him in LA since I hated auto-tune and his music didn't impress me back then, but now I totally think he's a promising musician as I liked his new songs, plus his new and neat look. The only thing I didn't like was his hand gesture around his mid front part (;P) I found it really asexual...even worse...Jin started doing the same in Oowah, which made me hate Oowah even more.

Then Jin came out with his hands on the plastic model's chest~~~Since I couldn't help staring at him I just totally forgot the process...Like usual he said "Joey tie ur shoes" and Joey actually did it. Then the performance started.

I have to say

First row isn't the best place to watch Jin's concert!!! After the excitement of seeing the shinning watery texture on his lips and counting the little stralks on his face, I realized...

1, I didn't know what should I look at, his face? his body? his hands? or his legs? everything was zoomed in...it became a big dilemma to choose. My eyes chose his face, so...

2, I failed to experience his fabulous dance all through the concert ;___; When I watched news clip and fancams, I felt like killing myself for having totally missed his sexy body moves==

3, I missed the whole futuristic concept of the stage because all the lighting and the images on the big screen were out of my view. When I watched the fancams, I went "fuck the stage was beautiful and it looked very different from what I saw there!"

but in my life it's the first time I saw him so clearly. In LA, I did see him in half a meter, but the bar was kinda dark, so it's not like I could count his eye lash or something. This time I could~ and exactly as I thought, he had completely no make-up on, no foundation, just nothing. He had dark eye circle and eye bags but those didn't affect his beauty. I could never forget his hat-free look~ so breathtakingly handsome and perfect!!! His eyes...O M G...so fucking shinning and beautiful when he's smiling, and so fragile and bashable when he's confused.

I always loved Christmas Morning performance but in NY concert I remembered nothing all thank to the first row view point...fortunately this fancam made up for everything (tho it's Houston one)

It's hard to believe he's still improving this perf. Due to the hair change, I felt he's less robot like in Chicago...a doll maybe but less impressive. However I had to take back my words after I watched that Houston fancam. Lots of improvement in details, the flow of the perf, the puppet master part, the movements and everything. He was a perfect robotic doll...more amazing than he was in June (I said it...)

Just give me the fucking DVD now ==||||

Again I think he needs more dancers in Bass go boom to look more like a leader of that badass troop. I preferred June perfs. Tho I failed to catch his dance move in Wonder, I had the feeling he danced greatly there, as well as lovejuice. Actually he just danced greatly in every performance involving dance.

He was less hyper in INP compared with the Houston one. I hate oowah so I had no memory about it...

The MC was...so short||||| he came to the edge of the stage and said something regular like he knew many were from different countries, so we started to shout Canada!!! and the big group of girls from my right side shouted "Europe!!!" They shouted for a few times, but since everyone was shouting different things, it was super messy, so Jin looked very confused XD I joined those girls and shouted Europe as well...too bad Jin still didn't get it, so in the end he just walked back and started to introduce his new songs==

Body Talk has been grown on me a lot lately. Love everything about this song. Lizzy and Dominic danced so beautifully for the song!*applaud* I knew Jin expected the audience to watch the couple not him in some parts, so I did try my best to focus on them but still my eyes were glued to Jin, so it was like my face turned to the dancer's direction but my eyes were on Jin XD Thank to this fancam I can fully enjoy their dance as well. Gahhhhh I so loved Jin's body wave there~ sweet but seducing as
well fufufu~

Btw, I just got to know Body Talk was done by Jin both music and lyrics. So proud of my boy!!!

The fifth season was always great. I just loved the song and his voice. I wish he would write and sing more songs like that. Auto-tune needs to die from Jin's future music...

Lovejuice was better than Chicago one since the screen was on, so the silhouette dancing part was super sexy

I forgot when did he sing A Page, but I'd say Chicago version was the best. Also I wish he would remove auto-tune effect from this song in live. The part he let fans sing for him was very touching tho.

For Paparats he took off his QoP jacket and hat, sit down with lizzy and Aubree. Again I had to pretend my interest was fully on dancers not Jin~

hatless Jin in simple v-neck shirt is definitely my all time fav. My heart was racing so fast when I saw him stripping~ahhhhhhhhhhh the dude really should get rid of hats and sunglasses more often. It's a sin for someone so handsome to hide his face all the time==+

Unlike in June, He didn't flirt with girls sitting with him, but was more like telling a joke and smiled. When paparazzi came out, he frowned and looked pissed.

I always enjoy singing this song with Jin in concert haha~just felt so good pouring all the emotion out. Great song Kaneko-kun wrote for Jin!

The angry sexy Jin transformed into a silly happy boy in that ultimate douche bag song Hey girl! I did enjoy the song in every concert, tho I never liked the lyrics. But hatless Jin made everything innocent and cute, so who cares about the lyrics anymore? Shunpei showed up. He did the famous collarbone attach which was one of the best parts in the concert since ticklish/bashable Jin is sooooooooo cute!! (gahhhh I feel hungry now~) The time Jin giggled and squashed down, I couldn't help but squashed down with him as well~ too bad there's no space for me to do that...Anyway I forgave Shunpei for having blocked my view in quite a few songs when he was taking vids of the stage. He has short legs but they didn't make him short<---I sound so mean to Shunpei...Sorry...but I just didn't get what he's doing all the time with that tiny little digital camera in hand??? If you are a photographer, at least use a proper one ok? Not to mention he cut my view for many times playing with that tiny thing==+

Ahhhhh I just can't get enough Jin there~so cute>< so much laughing going on and he's so relaxed~ Dominic even did a hair wash for Jin and for a couple of minutes Jin had a towel on his head XD So silly but so cute~

The dance segment was pretty much the same as before. I still got heart attach when he came out in my favorite attire featuring that silver tie. After the hat magic, he put one leg of his sunglasses in his mouth and held it by his teeth for all the rest of the time dancing...I was worried he might get hurt if he fell down but somehow he also looked manly and sexy there.

I really loved the music for the kabuki corner (wonder who wrote it), so I never got tired of watching that part. One thing got me giggle for no end was when Jin did the Wonder move on a chair (like a vid re-winding for four times), he retreated from the center of the light and had a rest on the chair. Lizzy and Aubree were dancing in the front so we were supposed to applaud for them, but I peeped at him, tho his fedora covered most of his face and he seemed exhausted and was a bit panting, he suddenly smiled...it's not like he's amused by something on the stage, but more like he suddenly remembered something stupid happened yesterday. I couldn't help but pointing at him just because it's too cute XD

As usual Jin walked a lot in Yellow Gold, somehow he didn't stay much at the right side. Later some thought he's pissed off by the fans at the right side who made him a fool in the magic corner (screaming his name when he's still crawling on the stage pretending he's someone else) LOLLLLL I highly doubted it...I mean seriously it's a magic he never succeeded in history, why he's angry in the last show XDDDD

When Tipsy love was on, I started to feel sad because it's the last song. The only thing amused me was the red vine Shunpei brought to Jin and other during the song. Jin bit some and it's sticky, so he had a very hard time using his tongue to get it off from his teeth XD I could see his tongue very busy working inside his mouth hahhahaha~~~Tipsy Love was Always a big sweet moment which I'd wish it never ended. When he left the stage, I felt so empty. No one left...as people were shocked it's finished already.

Then the famous Eternal project started. At first it was a total mess, cause some started earlier some a bit late...and somehow only the audience at the right side of me sang loudly. From where I stood I could see one stage entrance clearly. Three Staffs came out to clean up the stage. They had to stop their work and looked at each other whth a confused look when the messy chanting started. For one or two minutes, no one knew what's really going on. It's like you hear ppl somewhere singing but you don't know what they were singing about XD Then all the voices finally united into one! More joined including me...tho I left the lyrics sheet in my hotel by mistake and I'm pretty much an off-tune queen XD But who cares...I just sang as loudly as I could. It was indeed very touching. A very beautiful moment I had to say. All sang their hearts out in order to bring him out. Maybe from the back side of the venue, the chorus was hardly heard, but for Jin who's right behind the screen, I belived he heard our singing clearly~=v=Y

As there's only half song printed on the sheet, soon we got to the last line and didn't know how to continue. After a few seconds, someone started to chant Jin and everyone followed, so was like "Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin~~~~~jiiiiiiiiin~~~jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin~~~~~" I felt my throat was almost bleeding there and I could make no sound any more. I asked the girl beside me why she didn't scream, she then pointed to her throat and shook her head~

When I almost started to shout "$#$@&^#$%%&~~~fuck just come out!!!", he finally walked out with a confused look~ <_____< and we all went O_______O!!! *____________________*!!! and screamed like crazy~ Nobody even cared what he's saying there, but just screamed and screamed~

Knowing him a little too well, I actually didn't expect him to sing Eternal. The Eternal project was made to bring him out, not really to force him to sing the song. So when he picked up the lyric sheet from a girl in the middle of the first row, my poor heart skipped beating. He made a sign to the far back of the venue and the music started.

Now when I'm writing this report, I suddenly have a question to ask myself...why and since when I love/loved Eternal so much?

I'm not a ballad fan and I'm not particularly fond of any genre, tho I used to be a rock fan and my favorite rock band is still Dir en Grey and for a whole year in 2009 my favorite song was their song Vinushka, but Eternal is my fav in the whole 2010.

I think...

First it's really a very beautiful song which always raises big emotion in me, that for a long time I didn't dare to listen to it because it made me so emotional and made me cry every time I listened to it.

Second now I remember it's kinda associated with some history of my fangirlism. I actually had a difficult time to be his fan late in 2008 when he sounded no goal no aim and sounded so dry in his regular magazine interviews. I got really bored and kept asking myself why I was his fan. Then the Bandage news came out and it was a big time. I started to expect some change in him. Wonder was a good sign and he got so hyper that he openly showed his strong desire to release it (damn Johnny's turned it down after everything's done and ready...) I felt his depression back then until the release time of the single Bandage. No matter how much I respect Kobayashi-san and loved his music to death in All about lily chou-chou, I have to admit...I really didn't feel much about the song Bandage, not the album either (except Hatachi no seisou). After all, the whole Bandage release was more about Kobayashi-san's music and I didn't see much Jin himself in it. So when Jin sang Eternal in Yamapi's concert to promote his Nissay live, I felt something was finally completed. Yeah the Akanishi Jin who wrote Murasaki in 2004 was back and grew up to be a real talented musician. I finally didn't have to ask where's that Murasaki boy who wrote music to express himself and I finally didn't have to be jealous of Ueda fans whenever Ueda wrote a song himself~;P I did a lot of translation around Bandage and Nissay time, I totally felt his change (must thank Kobayashi-san and Iwai-san greatly. Based on what I've read and watched, I believe working with those two pure artists really inspired Jin. it seemed like he finally found and set his goal and put all himself in working for it.

So yeah I'm an Eternal freak. I was totally over the moon when Jin said it would be released as his debut single YAY YAY YAY~~~

I bet everyone has watched NY Eternal fancam already, it was such a great/beautiful/emotional time there. I felt I was losing control and for two times I blanked out without know what I was doing.

Among all the fancams, I like this one the most, cause it managed to show a bit of how much emotion Jin put in singing this song, While at the scene, you might feel 10 times more.

At the end of this song, there's big loud sobbing behind me ==|||| I couldn't blame them tho. Talking about this, somehow I didn't cry. The thing is I almost cried every time I listened to Eternal, but I didn't cry when he's singing in front of me...maybe I just forgot to cry. That moment he was GOD, and all I wanted to do was probably just kneeling down and worshiping him.

For the whole time, fans couldn't help singing with him, tho I wanted to hear his voice only, I couldn't blame them. After he finished singing, he gave us a very deep look from left to right for like at least a minute. I would never be able to imagine how intense and beautiful that moment was if I wasn't there~

After the concert, many stayed around and looked lost. I was one of them. I hugged many who couldn't stop crying. Eternal was too powerful...it just made everyone lost words.  

Later my friend wanted to eat with a bunch of lovely Japanese Oba-chan fans, so we went to Hard Rock again. Two among them followed the whole tour while the rest only came for NYC concert. Before I got really drunk (XD), I asked one when she became a Jin fan and what did she think about Jin leaving KT. She said she became a fan watching Summary, and she's originally just a Jin fan. She loved every unit Jin was in, but after all she's a Jin fan, so where's Jin where's she. I asked if all of them thought the same, she said yeah all of them.

There are a few things to add

the first row is definitely not the best place for ears. Stereos don't work the best there.

Again if you see a bunch of East Asians, don't quickly rush into conclusion that you see a bunch of Japanese there, cause many are Chinese Taiwanese and Hongkongnese~XD

Jin needs to do more encore...every body should write to request it for the future.
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