coco (2coco) wrote in you_and_jin,

Request for Jin to appear on Ellen

Hi guys,

Someone was suggesting in this post about Jin here  that if we want to see Jin on the Ellen show, we could fill out the request on her show website.  If she gets enough requests, there is a good chance Jin will be invited to appear on her show.

And sure enough I went to her website and found this form for requesting an international artist to appear on her show here:

I filled it out and suggested for Jin to appear on her show.  If you guys want to please fill out the form and let's hope Jin will be able to appear on the Ellen show.  It would be so awesome to see a Japanese artist on the show. 

EDIT: I put a link on a youtube video for one of Jin's performances and I told them about Jin's concerts on June 19 and 20 and that Jin is in the US from May to October.
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