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[Translation: lyrics] Let Me Talk To U

I'm not sure how many people have hands on the song yet (or if the fandom still lives on lj), but I couldn't wait. And once I heard it, I had to translate it...and what not, so I could sing along with it. So, the kanji/romaji/english translation are in the link below. Feel free to correct me...there is one line in the chorus I'm still a little unsure of, but I'm pretty sure is correct.

(I'll be here for let me talk to you...)
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Sales Post: Jin (and KAT-TUN) goods

Hello! I'm selling...
- Over 200 shop photos and venue photo sets (Lots of Jin and group photos)
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- 3 Jin and 1 group uchiwa
- Other misc goods (calendar, penlights, tote bags, photo album, ticket holder, etc)

If you are interested, please check out my post here. Thank you!
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KAT-TUN and Jin's CDs and unofficial photos for sale which you can find here.
All are in great condition being used 2-3 times at most. I ship internationally from Sweden.

[SELLING] Akanishi Jin - Hey! What's UP CD

I'm currently looking for new owner for my pre loved CD. Shipping within Philippines only. Japan Version. Opened in really good condition.

Akanishi Jin - Hey What's Up Type A Limited Edition (includes the PV of Hey! What's Up)
Price: 1,000php

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