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04 January 2012 @ 10:37 pm
Long time no MOD post.  
Hello, everyone!
There haven't been very mod-ish mod post for some time but to compensate that this one might be rather long. Even so I hope that everyone would try reading it through (hence no cut).

We have decided to no longer keep the moderating queue because it seems that it has made the community less lively. So when you post new entry it will posted in the community immediately.
Before posting make sure that you know the rules.
Especially the rules about things outside the lj-cut like pictures (Rule #5). Please be sure they meet the rules. And remember the lock posts that include Download links or links to post outside the community that includes Download links for media (Rule #8).

Lately it has been looking like most of the posts are done by the mods. We hope that you members would post, too, because we mods don't always have time or energy to post about everything.
If you're not sure how you should post about things you can take a look at old entries for some help (Even thou it doesn't really matter as long as the rules aren't violated).
If you are new to lj and don't quite know how it works yet I suggest you to read through some of LiveJournal's FAQs. Even if English isn't your native language most of them should be available in the languages that LJ available.

And last but not least the serious business.
It's sad to see that in this very fandom of ours there are people who doesn't care about basic manners and things like copyright and such. There are people taking other's translations and posting them on their sites and facebook groups etc. CLAIMING them as their own translations. It really is annoying to see that happen especially when people like them, who don't follows the rules of places they steal their stuff from, make sure that less and less fans want to share anything with the rest of the fandom.
We hope that things posted in You and Jin stay here if the Original Poster doesn't say otherwise. That applies to the posts linked to the community, too.
Respect the rules people have.

Hopefully we'll get the community rolling better this year.

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